Heritage Washi Selection for "Longevity — Call for Submission"

Heritage Washi Selection for "Longevity — Call for Submission"

2022 Aug 8th

What does "Longevity" Mean to You? The Japanese Paper Place wants you to show us with your art — on Heritage Washi! We will host a juried show to be on exhibit at The Japanese Paper Place in celebration of our  40th anniversary!

For more information and the submission form, please check  Call for submissions: Longevity — The Japanese Paper Place 40th Anniversary Juried Exhibition

Here is the selection of Heritage Washi included for the call for submissions, and its characteristics:

Not sure what is Heritage Washi? Check this article;  Heritage Washi

CON1099 Fukunishi Udagami HM - HW
32g, 12.5 x 18.5", 4 deckle edges, Handmade, Unsized

  • cooked in wood ash treated water, hand beaten
  • made with noriutsugi formation aid & clay, dried on wooden boards
  • produced in Yoshino, Nara prefecture
  • clay content for dimensional stability in scroll backing
  • certified as a preservation of cultural property papermaker by the Agency for Cultural Affairs

CHR1329 Kurotani #59 Chiri Natural - HW*
24 x 36", 100% Japanese kozo, 4 deckle edges, Handmade, Unsized
*This product is not available on our website

  • made in the village of Kurotani, the oldest continuous papermaking village in Japan where they have been making paper for over 800 years
  • chiri means left-over and refers to the bits of mulberry bark that are added to the paper for decorative effect
  • lovely for painting, collage, lanterns

CON1100 Mitsumata Tissue Light HM - HW
11g, 22 x 27.5", 100% Japanese mitsumata, 3 deckle edges, Handmade, Unsized

  • cooked in slaked lime, board dried, produced in Okayama
  • made as a double wide sheet and then cut in half
  • used in Japan for its warm tone in backing gold leaf
  • mitsumata called the "feminine fibre", softer & more pliable than kozo; takes twice as long as kozo to grow
  • beautiful for chine-collé, drawing, layering; absorbent without bleeding or feathering

CON1102 Sekishu Banshi Tsuru (Large) - HW
25g, 21 x 29.25", 100% Japanese kozo (with some cleaned green bark), 3 deckle edges, Handmade, Unsized

  • cooked in soda ash, unbleached, machine beaten, dried on stainless steel
  • one of the oldest continuously made papers in Japan, made in Sekishu, now called Shimane; don’t confuse this paper with others called “Sekishu” that aren't 100% kozo
  • technique for making Sekishu designated by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and by Japan as an Intangible Cultural Property

CON13698 Sekishu Torinoko Gampi - HW*
20g, 21 x 29", 100% Japanese (Okayama) gampi, 4 deckle edges, Handmade, Unsized
*This product is not available on our website

  • cooked with soda ash
  • dried on wooden boards
  • excellent for pen and ink, intaglio and especially chine-colle

If you have any question about call for submissions or Heritage Washi products, please  contact us. We are happy to help you.