From retail stores to individual artists our discerning customers around the globe come to us for the quality Japanese paper they need. They count on our knowledgeable staff to help make selections from the wide range of papers we stock and on our expert shipping department to get their purchases to them safely and quickly. Among the many customers we serve are:


Brick and mortar shops and online stores from New York to Cairo resell our papers and related goods to their own communities. Some of these resellers are:

  • art supply and hobby stores
  • paper and stationery shops
  • toy stores
  • tea shops
  • gift and museum shops
  • book stores


The versatility of Japanese paper becomes more evident when we see its non-traditional applications. Many companies make use of the exquisite qualities and range of our paper to complement their own products. These businesses include:

  • interior designers
  • artisanal chocolatiers
  • packaging companies
  • printers and graphic designers
  • invitation makers
  • binderies

Are you interested in using our paper with your product?


Artists and artisans have been inspired to create beautiful work with our wide range of paper since we opened our doors in 1982. We have been inspired by what is made and have a wonderful collection of work on washi to inspire you in turn. Among the pieces we can show you are:

  • prints
  • drawings
  • paintings
  • sculptures
  • jewellery

Be sure to ask us about our collection on your next visit to The Japanese Paper Place. In the meantime, you can also check out our Learn section for some technical nitty gritty on working with Japanese paper yourself!

Are you interested in using our paper with your creation?


Conservators around the world use our paper on artworks and cultural artifacts. The majority use washi for repairs of works on paper (such as prints, drawings, maps or books) but they also use it to fill holes in leather artefacts, to protect textiles and even to repair musical instruments. Our conservation customers include:

  • institutional libraries
  • national archives
  • independent practitioners

Learn more about the many qualities of washi for use in conservation:

Au Papier Japonais in Montreal, PQ

Smalll artworks from our collection

Packaging and box making

Papers for conservation


If you're serious about Japanese paper, this place is THE place in Canada to go and nerd out. I have been here multiple times with plenty of random requests and each time, the specialists there have gone above and beyond to help me choose the right paper for my budget. Exquisite stuff and exquisite service. Cannot recommend enough! 


If you're into beautiful handcrafted paper from Japan, this is the best place to go (in-person, or online). There are so many varieties of paper, it's hard to limit yourself. There's something about beautiful paper that soothes the soul when you look at it. I have been coming to both the retail location and the warehouse location for years bc there's nothing like it. A bit of Japan right here in Toronto! Janine is very helpful and patient - perfect customer service.

Alexander Mrkich

Wonderful. Been going there for years. Highly recommend, and the staff is very kind and helpful. 

Lynn Dooly-Marek

These hand made Japanese papers is like working with beautiful silks. Totally different to regular papers. They feel alive to the touch…they are soft…it’s working with a product that is historically centuries old.

Hannah Caprice

I had so much fun browsing the hundreds of different types of papers at The Japanese Paper Place yesterday! I have never experienced such an endless variety of paper under one roof before - I wish I had more time to see and touch them all. The staff are supremely informative, patient and helpful, and made my visit such a memorable one. If you are ever visiting Toronto and are as paper-obsessed as I am, you must stop by and visit them. Thank you @the_jpp for making me feel so welcome!

Vincent Dion

Could not be a professional paper conservator without this long standing business in the city