The Japanese Paper Place staff is a lively collection of artists, creative thinkers, and knowledgeable, paper-loving people, focused on providing exceptional service to you — our customers. 

Nancy Jacobi


Favourite Paper: Kizuki Tosa Kozo (light and oh so even) 


Nancy’s love of washi and her desire to help preserve the age-old craft of fine Japanese papermaking, has fueled her decades-long devotion to The Japanese Paper Place. Encouraging artists to discover the creative  potential of washi, she has travelled the world. From Toronto to Iqaluit, London, Johannesburg and Paris, she has built respect for the paper, inspiring  its use by many artists through lectures, exhibitions, and exciting examples from the JPP collection. In 2008 she organized a World Washi Summit, including Japanese papermakers, artists from around the world exhibiting their washi works in 40 venues in and around Toronto, with many workshops and lectures teaching how to use these versatile papers. In 2021 she was awarded the Foreign Minister’s Commendation from the Japanese Consulate in Toronto for “exceptional and distinguished services in the promotion of Japanese culture in Canada.”


Now with stepdaughter Tara, she can hunker down to complete her book which celebrates some of the remarkable artists, past and present, who have come to make washi their own and produce exceptional, unique works of art.

Tara Moore-Jones


Favourite Paper: Mitsumata Tissue Heavy MM – for its subtle pink hue and the understated woodgrain that occurs from the paper drying on aged wooden boards.
Now President, Tara has worked at The JPP off and on for most of her life. Her systematic approach to overseeing day-to-day business operations allows her to swiftly change her many hats. In her other life, she has 3 children, a husband and a dog, all talented on their own and benefitting from her creative multi-tasking. 

Sigrid Blohm

Fine Paper Specialist

Favourite Paper: What? Just one?! Fukunishi Udagami never stops being wonderful.

Sigrid is an artist who loves washi, textiles and canoeing. Her extensive knowledge of Japanese paper, its intricacies and many uses, is put to task as she provides consultation services to The JPP customers and staff alike. You can see her work on Instagram @sigrid.blohm


Vinna Ly 

Production Manager

(on maternity leave)

Favourite Paper: Chiyogami 986 – or, the newest Chiyo!

With a degree in Environmental Design from OCADU Vinna comes well-equipped to lead the team in designing the beautifully packaged collections created in The JPP production department. The main liaison between sales, production and shipping, Vinna manages orders and shipments from Japan. In her spare time Vinna loves watching horror movies, and baking.


Megan Sproule

Production Manager

Favourite Paper: Katazome-shi 187

Megan lends her sense of precision and attention to detail to the creation of packaged assortments in The JPP production department. The same skills are turned to expert use in her carefully constructed sewing and knitting projects. We cannot forget to mention that Megan also loves cats and Japanese sweets.


Peter Alan Jones

Shipping / Warehouse 

Favourite Paper: Gampi

Peter has been indispensible to the JPP from his first visit to the store in the late eighties. Since then he has contributed endlessly - as husband to founder Nancy, and father to now President Tara. His eagerness to find the BEST rates and means of safe packaging and shipping has built a solid foundation for our global business. He taught lampshade making for years, and invented a paper winder to count off smaller lengths of huge rolls. His boundless curiosity and many talents have been key to both the success of the business and to his pleasure in semi-retirement.


Paula Huisman

Client Development Representative

Favourite Paper: Tokawa Senka


Paula is an artist and poet with a penchant for opening new eyes to the boundless creative possibilities inherent in our exquisite papers. Along with caring for her wholesale clients, Paula organizes our online workshops and consultations. You can see her work on Instagram @glasscopperpaperwood


Chieko Watanabe

Communications Manager

Favourite Paper: Kaga Gampi

Chieko is a visual designer, illustrator and occasional photographer. She enjoys annoying everyone with taking photos and videos, trying to make them a social media star. She also designs and manages both print and digital media. When she is off the screen, she spends time with her family, baking, hiking and camping. 


Daniel McLaren

Shipping / Warehouse Supervisor

Favourite Paper: Katagami Heritage Washi


Daniel is an artist and graphic novelist. A graduate of OCADU, his fine drawing skills, keen attention to colour and detail are used to showcase his interest in science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural imagery.  We can count on Daniel to use his patience, good humour and exceptional organizational skills to keep the warehouse running smoothly!


Nick H.

Shipping & Warehouse

Favourite Paper: Kurotani #52


Our very own Cher! With an academic background in Classical studies and paper conservation, we couldn’t ask for a better person to handle the many delicate papers in the warehouse. Nick is self-described as being “textile obsessed”. When he is not making sure orders are being pulled, packed, and shipped with alacrity and care, he practices his tailoring and sewing skills. Luckily for The JPP, washi is very textile-like and has also caught Nick’s eye as he explores dyeing and other textile practices on washi.


Chovin Ranbabi

Production Assistant

Favourite Paper: Chiyogami – especially when it is pink!

Chovin brings her nimble crafter’s fingers to the production team with a smile for everyone who passes by. She loves the opportunity to learn new things and likes it even better if she can make new friends at the same time.


Janine Malaca

Office Administrator and Sales Representative

Favourite Paper: Unryu Kozo White and Oguni Shikishi Fudagami (why limit yourself?)

To describe what Janine does here as “reception" is an understatement! Janine is at the helm of mission control for The JPP. Fielding phone calls, emails, and assisting in-house visitors while acting as the liaison between sales and shipping. Janine also provides knowledgeable care to managing The JPP’s art collection and supporting exhibitions and workshops. Whew! In her own time, Janine expresses herself through drawing, painting, and macrame and enjoys spending time with her family.