We do more than just sell paper! We have a passion for sharing our love of Japanese paper and paper arts with the world and offer a wide range of washi-focused workshops, both online and in-house. 


Cristina Gonzalez

Pop-Up Portait Gallery — A 3D Accordion Book

Thank you so mucho both for gave me this opportunity. I really enjoyed being part of the workshop as well as doing the book. 

Dennis Humphrey

Cut • Paint • Print!

It was fun time participating in the online workshop. We played with various washi papers, watercolours, markers, collage and stencils. In a relaxed atmosphere, we shared our work. I created a washi watercolour collage that I will use to make covers for my handmade book “inklings: an asemic reader”.


I was impressed with the quality of the materials we received, as well as with Yael’s clear instructions and guidance.

Theresa Bryson

Exploring Backyard — Cyanotypes on Washi 

I attended the Cyanotypes workshop in July. Thank you for offering such a great learning experience. The day was chock full of ideas and activity. I came away satisfied that I had gained more knowledge about this interesting and beautiful technique.