Washi is wonderfully receptive to drawing and painting materials of all kinds. The fibres of kozo, gampi and mitsumata papers absorb wet media well, while their subtle liveliness will animate any drawing. Washi is more than mere surface: it becomes an integral part of the artwork as you will see in the images here.

Untitled - Anton Cétín, 1992, Chalk pastel, Etchu Kozo Card

Test Drawing - Susan Low Beer, Watercolour & trace monoprint, Kurotani #16

Tengo #6 - Lorraine Pritchard, 2013, drawing, sumi ink, pigma pen, Tosa Tengu-jo

Sound Bites - Lorraine Pritchard, 2006, drawing, gouache, acrylic & colour pencil, Koinezumi Kizuki

Untitled (trees) - Natalie Griller, 2010, sumi-e, Kurotani #16 & Kurotani #04