We do more than just sell paper! We have a passion for sharing our love of Japanese paper and paper arts with the world. 


We offer a wide range of washi-focused workshops on a monthly basis. See more details at WORKSHOPS.

Online staff training

The more you know about a product, the easier it is to sell. Would your staff benefit from knowing more about Japanese paper? We are pleased to offer zoom educational sessions and consultations for you with one of our paper specialists. Currently, all group-based learning opportunities are being offered online. We would love to see you — even if it's on the screen.

Group sessions

We are pleased to offer zoom talks tailored to your group that will fulfill your need for knowledge about washi. We would love to connect with you.


Individual artist consultations can be arranged with one of our fine paper specialists.

To book a session or consultation, please contact us.


These guides have been created to provide you with tips and suggestions for using washi with a variety of art media. We will add new guides for other media as we go along. You may print these downloadable pdfs for personal use.