The works shown in this section could fall under the categories of book arts, fibre arts and sculpture as well as mixed media paintings and collages. These wide-ranging works all speak to the versatility of Japanese paper. Washi is strong, translucent, malleable, and lightweight, lending itself well to use with many different media and techniques.

Ravine Ⅰ - by Yael Brotman, 2021, Collage, Various kozo washi

Untitled - Lorraine Pritchard, 1992, Collage with various Kozo

Nancy Knows - Cybèle Young, 2014, Sculpture, Moriki Kozo

Redpoll & Raven Cathryn Miller - Byopia Press, 2005, Ink jet print & bookbinding, Ginwashi Tissue

Kami-ito & Shifu samples - Hiroko Karuno, 2008, spinning, natural dyeing & weaving,  Usumino

Journal - MJ Varro, dyeing, konnyaku, stitching & bookbinding, Iwami White