Why You Need Washi Collection

Why You Need Washi Collection

2022 Jun 27th

Introducing customers to new-to-them materials can be challenging — especially if that something new seems delicate, rare, unfamiliar and, maybe, expensive. They don't know how the product will work in their practice, and they may be intimidated by the risk and newness of it all. 

We know that can be the case with washi. That's why we have developed the Washi Collections. Each Washi Collection contains a selection of paper samples (from 8.x 11” to .25 of a sheet) themed by a particular art activity or paper type, a swatch sheet for permanent reference, and an information sheet with paper details. The samples may be used by customers to make comparative tests with the media of their choice before selecting paper in full sheets.

Available Washi Collections are:

  • POT12594 Washi Collection - Chine Collé 
  • POT12595 Washi Collection - Fine Art Intro 
  • POT12754 Washi Collection - High Quality Handmade 
  • POT12919 Washi Collection - Mokuhanga 
  • POT13027 Washi Collection - Conservation Starter 
  • POT13132 Washi Collection - Sumi Painting & Brush Writing 
  • POT13133 Washi Collection - Gampi 
  • POT13134 Washi Collection - Digital 
  • POT13699 Washi Collection - Heritage Washi 1 
  • POT13714 Washi Collection - Moriki Kozo 
  • POT13729 Washi Collection - Sized  
  • POT13837 Washi Collection - Mitsumata 
  • POT13838 Washi Collection - Kizuki Somegami

Fore more information about Washi Collection, or tips for introducing washi to your customers, please contact us