Made With Clay

Made With Clay

2021 Dec 1st

Included in our Heritage Washi collection are several papers that are made with the inclusion of clay. These papers were traditionally used for backing scrolls. 

Fukunishi Udagami Long

The inclusion of clay in the papermaking vat along with the fibre adds dimensional stability to the resulting sheet. Considering Japan's humid climate, the importance of dimensional stability becomes immediately apparent. Scrolls mounted on clay-infused washi would hang straighter and would be less susceptible to curling. Another benefit of clay in washi is that it deters insects.

Of all the clay papers listed, Misugami is the exception. Instead of clay, crushed shell has been included. The resulting characteristics, however, are the same.

Not many artists are mounting scrolls on these papers, so how are these papers being used today?

Indigo-dyed Fukunishi Udagami 25g, by Sigrid Blohm

Washi made with clay is beautifully absorbent. They are lovely to draw on and readily accept the ink in printmaking. As you can see in the photo, this indigo dyed Fukunishi Udagami, 25g has maintained its true form without shrinkage or distortion, showcasing the artist's skill in dyeing to perfection.


Papers from left:

Conservation Kozo Misu 18g (with clay) - Custom 10m
Conservation Kozo Misu 30g (with clay) - Custom 10m
Fukunishi Udagami HM - Heritage Washi
Fukunishi Udagami Long 25g HM - Heritage Washi
Fukunishi Udagami Long 40g - Heritage Washi
Misugami - Heritage Washi
Mizota Udaban w/clay