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Online Catalogue - Opaque Papers
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Particularly popular: our Whites and Ivories

Whites and Ivories

Most of the papers in this section have a subtle pattern, either printed or created by the addition of surface fibres to a dyed woodpulp base at the time of making. They are printable on most laser printers and some photocopiers. Ink jets and bubble jets will occasionally bleed over the surface fibres. Their main use is just this: printing invitations, resumes or broadsides, but they also produce great results in the hands of scrapbookers and those rare few who still prefer to write letters with pen in hand.

All papers are available in 8.5" x 11" as well as parent sheets 43" x 31" or half, except where otherwise noted.
Edo Kosome Kazagumo Kiku
Edo Kosome Kazagumo Kiku
About Edo Kosome About Kazagumo About Kiku
Linen Lightweight Metallic Fleck - Susa Iri, Kingin and Torinoko Foil

Momi & Momi Hyakusen

 Linen Lightweight Metallic Fleck Momi & Momi Hyakusen Pearlized
About Linen Lightweights About Metallic Fleck About Momi & Momi Hyakusen About Pearlized
Special Echizen
Spring Opaques
Sudare & Obonai
Sukashi - Floral, Bloom and Bamboo
Take & Mizu Papers
Whites and Ivories  
Whites & Ivories  
About Whites & Ivories  

Ajisai, Koubai and Karakusa

Ajisai are hydrangea, while the other 2 words in this series merely describe the patterns used. All of these patterns, however, are created with the use of shiny (rayon or mitsumata) fibres placed on the top of the paper. Ajisai and koubai have such intense patterning, they tend to curl slightly, and are better used as a pasted-down layer on book or invitation that as a single loose sheet.


These text-weight papers are a little lighter than some, with watermarks of random water-droplets - a pleasant background which does not interfere with print. Also great for gift wrapping.


On a base of kozo which has a translucent quality, images of leaves are printed in soft shades - pink, mauve, green and blue. A perfect combination when printed and laid over Echizen Card stocks.


In four intense basic colours, these papers have a cloth-like feel and a malleable quality. They're especially good for bookbinding and gift-wrapping.

Edo Kosome

Edo Kosome

With cheery colours and a delightfuly distinctive texture, these double-sided crisp, sturdy papers are perfect for printing or crafts.

Gira Pearl

In sophisticated tones, these papers available in 80g (text weight) and 120g (cardstock) have a pearlized surface which is compatible with most printers and copiers. A favourite stock for special invitations and cards.


Lightly-coloured opaque papers of 100% woodpulp, embedded with long shimmering rayon fibres. Perfect for a sophisticated or subtle look.  


Stylized "kiku" (chrysanthemum) flowers float on a coloured background in a feathery fibre. Lovely - and laser-printable.

Linen Lightweight

Linen Lightweight

This lighter weight version of our bestselling Linen Card features the same rich colours and strong texture, but in a flexible stock that can be used as a lightweight cardstock or a heavy textweight paper.

Metallic Fleck

Kin Sunago, Susa Iri and Kingin all feature specks of silver and gold to create a look of refined beauty. Text weight, the light colours are fine for printing and the dark good for wrapping or layering.

Torinoko Foil sports multi-coloured metallic chunks over a brightly-dyed base. Cheery and eye-catching, it is also compatible with most printers.

Momi & Momi Hyakusen

"Momi" papers are crinkled, so good as an invitation layer, or when pasted down for a book cover or photo background. This series has a polished surface which makes them fairly hard-wearing, though made of woodpulp. The Momi Hyakusen papers are additionally creped, and Momi Hyakusen Red alone has a pattern of mum flowers and fibres across the surface.


These thin, lightweight, yet opaque papers are perfect for everything from giftwrap or invitation wraps to laser printing for particularly exquisite stationery.

Six patterns are available: filigree, floral, double fan, ginko, leaf and wave. All feature a metallic print overlaid on a solid-colour background.

Special Echizen

Each of these papers has a light pattern in shiny fibre over a pulp paper base. We have only a limited stock of these, so when they are gone, they are gone!


Spring Opaques

Asa papers contain lengths of abaca fibre embedded in the top layer, while the other two have their silver (for the Meadow papers) and gold (for the Springblossom) accent colours printed on a woodpulp base.


Sudare & Obonai

Sudare papers always have lines, reminiscent of the lines created in handmade papers by the "Su," or bamboo screen on which the sheets are formed. Though these lines are often larger scale for decorative papers, the same impression of beauty strikes the viewer as with more traditional paper.

Obonai is a word specifically used in the description of paper, where silky fibres seem to be afloat on the surface of the paper. Our obonai papers are made with real kozo fibres, though often the fibre is rayon, a pale modern lookalike for the real thing.


Sukashi - Floral, Bloom and Bamboo

Available in three patterns and several colours, Sukashi has the strength and translucence of vellum, but without the coldness. Designed to work even with inkjet printers!


Made in a vast array of over 30 colours, these woodpulp papers are evenly dyed and subtly docorated with kozo or rayon fibre floating on top. Great in your laser printer or photocopier, they are popular for invitations, resumes or promotional literature.

Take & Mizu Papers

Take & Mizu Papers

It may surprise you to see how well type can be read over the bamboo pattern! And Mizu, meaning "drop", offers a subtle pattern sprinkled with gold and silver flecks.

Whites & Ivories

Whites & Ivories

Drawn from our other lines and including a few unique papers, this section features our white and ivory textweight papers suitable for printing. All are laser-printable and most are inkjet compatible as well.