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Workshops and Events

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On the Road / Trade & Specialty Shows — Check this page for upcoming national and international events we may be attending in your area.

Washi Wednesdays — Find inspiration and discover the wonders of washi with our monthly drop-in.

We do more than just sell paper! We have a passion for sharing our love of Japanese paper and paper arts with the world. Below we list events and workshops that take place at our warehouse, now at 103 The East Mall,Unit 1, Etobicoke, as well as washi-related exhibitions and lectures in the Toronto area.

If you or someone you know is exhibiting work featuring Japanese paper, let us know and we would be delighted to list it here.

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Our Creative Offerings for 2017

Washi Drawing Club

with Pamela Dodds & Nancy Jacobi

Third Tuesday of every month; $15 at the door but please RSVP to Pamela Dodds at

For those who like to draw and want to explore some new surfaces, we offer a theme, inspiration through projected images and samples of 2 different papers each club night. Participants bring their own drawing media, often suggested by facilitator Pamela.



A journey with washi & sculpture

with Susan Low-Beer

Wednesday February 15, 7pm     FREE but please RSVP to

Artist and teacher Susan Low-Beer ( is best known as a sculptor in clay, winner of the esteemed Saidye Bronfman prize in 1999. Alongside her sculptural works, made for a host of gallery exhibitions in the past 20 years, she has also been exploring the characteristics of Japanese paper. Some of the unique results of her explorations are combined solar printed gampi with found objects, washi with encaustic and mixed media and wall hangings using transfer drawing with watercolour and clay sculptures. Susan's recent retrospective exhibition at the Algoma Art Gallery included her new stunning installation, Place of Becoming where she coated life size flying ceramic figures with densely printed gampi tissue.
Tonight through photos and recollections she will share her frustrating but ultimately rewarding journey with washi.

Talking about the wonders of washi in painting and art making

with Heather Midori Yamada

Wed. May 31, 7-9pm,     FREE but please RSVP to

Heather Yamada has a passion for washi. Most of her work is based on using it, and her fearless exploration of its many wonderful properties is what she will talk about tonight. This evening will be of interest to all artists and especially to painters: inspiring and informative in one fell swoop.


Batik on Sekishu & other washi

with Loree Ovens (

Sunday February 5, 10-4 pm     $125

Learn to create batik on Japanese paper using soy wax, a non-scented biodegradable wax.

Traditionally batik is a technique that uses hot wax as a resist to mask out patterns on textile before applying dye. At the end of the process the wax is removed to reveal the original colour of the fabric outlining the dyed surface. In this contemporary workshop, different methods of applying wax, including using stamps, traditional tjanting tools and other intuitive methods will be used before applying colour (pigment) and how to remove the wax will be shown. At the end of the class students will have a bundle of their paper batik experiments to take home as well as have learned enough to continue the process on their own.

Birds of a Feather - Pan Pastels & Washi

with Sharlena Wood

Saturday March 11, 10-4pm     $110

Spend a magical day with fun and talented artist Sharlena Wood ( to explore the wondrous and intrinsic combination of washi, ink & PanPastel Colours. Understand the technical properties of materials and creative design by creating a beautiful hand bound book of your best results. Delight in graceful brushstrokes, elegant Washi surfaces, and capturing the spirit of birds. All materials included.

Drawing skills

with Pamela Dodds (

Sunday March 19, 10-4 pm     $110

Learn about different kinds of Washi while developing your drawing skills! If you feel uncertain about your drawing skills, if you like to draw but seem to get stuck, or if you used to love to draw but never seem to get around to it, this workshop is for you. Through a series of engaging exercises we will address common pitfalls and re-discover and explore the joys and rewards of drawing. Each exercise will be matched with a different type of Washi, and different drawing media, to help you choose the right papers for your future drawing projects. Enjoy a fun and supportive day of drawing on Washi!
Washi and some drawing materials will be provided. Attendees are welcome/encouraged to bring their favorite materials to try out on Washi.

Intro to Nihonga Painting

with Hiroshi Yamamoto

Saturday March 25, 10-4 pm     $125

Using traditional Japanese painting materials, students will learn the basics of painting as it was practiced hundreds of years ago - and still is by some contemporary artists in Japan. Sumi ink, gofun, gansai, powdered pigments (iwa-enogu) are all part of the mix. Work on high quality washi and complete a small painting mounted on a panel. Hiroshi is a popular teacher of sumi-e painting and an accomplished artist too.

Wet Mounting Washi

with David Hu

Monday March 27, 6:30-8:30pm     $60

This ancient technique used in the East for preparing paintings on thin paper for scroll mounting has myriad uses for any artist working with washi. Once it is flattened and given extra weight by the process, it is easier to handle for framers or dealers. The resulting heavier paper can then be used to make sculptures or used wherever a heavier paper is needed.
Bring examples of your work on thin washi to learn the technique

Image Transfer

with Susan Farquhar

Saturday, May 13th, 10am-4:00pm     $110

Japanese handmade papers are beautiful but not always designed to go into your digital printer. Yet those handmade sheets that you like so much are the ones you wish to use. Transferring your digital prints of your photos or drawings is an alternative that lets you put your print on that special paper but not mess up your printer in the process. Susan will demonstrate my method of transferring digital inkjet prints to washi pre-coated with konnyaku and using acrylic medium. Susan will also demonstrate transferring with other materials such as Mod Podge and Omni Gel Transfer Medium. However you wish to use your transfers these demos will inform your choices of transfer materials for future projects.

Using the Sculptural Possibilities of Washi

co-hosted with Craft Ontario

Monday April 3, 7-9pm

Paint, Pattern, Plunder...Marking, Texturing and Layering Seichosen, Sekishu and Shoji Natural for painters

with Heather Midori Yamada

Sat. June 3, 10am-4pm, $125

Express your inner artistic 'pirate' with spontaneous brush, inks, Tri-Art mediums and acrylics. Texturize and layer self-coloured washi onto other washi and small canvasses which you will provide. Washi and most other materials and equipment are included in the all-level workshop.

Other workshops

Here we list several local workshops led by artists who know and love washi. Please contact us if you know of similar learning opportunities that feature washi and its magnificent potential.

The Toronto School of Art has a range of courses in many types of artistic expression, some of which acommodate Japanese paper very well. Visit their website for more info and to register for their courses.



Open Studio is the centre for printmaking in Toronto, and in addition to being a longtime supporter of Japanese paper, offer classes and workshops in different print styles from beginner to advanced. Check out "education" on their website to peruse their latest offerings.

Articulations is an art supply store and workshop space in The Junction in Toronto. They offer a lively selection of workshops for both adults and children to keep you creating all year round.

Haliburton School of the Arts, Southampton Art and Loyalist College Summer Arts all offer summer courses to hone your artistic skills - all the better to use on washi.